Sunday, May 31, 2020

garments export business

Do you want to export garments? Today I will tell you how you can export garments. Look, garments are a great product. It has paint in it. Ladies garments. It is fashion. It has sports garments.  You have to select your product, what you want to export, then you will need some documents like IC.  R.M.C.  GST.  Quality Certificate may also be required .. Then the

real thing comes where we find BUYER to see which of our Pakistani garments are being exported to USA .. UK .. CANDA .. Brazil.  Wherever this is happening you have to find it online or offline and also take care of the size when you prepare and send the sample for a country because each country has different sizes.  Small.  M - L .. xL .. You have to look at all these sizes and they are different sizes for each country so in the same way you first select your product then select the country where you want to export then you work hard  Find the BUYER then prepare the sample. Believe in the size of the country. Garment export is a lot of work in Pakistan. You can be a good exporter.

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