Saturday, May 16, 2020

garments t shirts

Today I will tell you how to re-sell hosiery t-shirt popolo shirt reject goods in the market by altering it and making it in a good way. It often happens when a big brand goods are produced in a big factory.  So when their order is made, the goods that are left in it, the brand that has the logo on the front, they cut it off with scissors and that piece is rejected like NiKE brand.  She does this. One day when she passed by a market, she found a lot of goods in a warehouse and the shopkeeper was selling coffee because it was rejected.  I took the price

iand I went to the same place where the printing is done. There are dime cuts like the same Nike logo. I cut it with dye and embroidered it.  The solution is if you want to do good -

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