how to find ali baba supliyer

hello on-site check has plus about twice as

much a whole lot more they even a

verification of documents that you they

that they have to be able to pull up and

show to someone who's interested in

vetting their company so those are the

three things you want to look out for I

recommend on site check gold suppliers

great assess supplier if you were really

afraid of taking risk go with an assess

supplier but good luck finding in there

really hard to find because it's hard to

get to that level and again i've never

used an assess supplier I've always used

gold supplier never had a single issue

but this is like a first line of defense

look at this is the first thing you need

to look out

or the second thing I recommend is

communication communication builds trust

communication is very important if you

are pretty good with reading people and

I know this is not it is not objective I

know it is in sight in using subjective

and incite feelings to figure out if you

can trust someone but it has served me

well I'm a pretty good reader of people

so when I communicate with them how

often they respond the way they respond

that helps to build trust if I'm

relationship with someone I usually can

tell if I'm being conned or not so I

would recommend you start communicating

right away there are two ways you can do

it actually it's more than two but two

primary ways one is through email

another one is through skype and a whole

lot of them you'd like to use the whats

app application never used it before

I've heard it's really good for texting

someone international skype is nice

because you can actually go back and

forth and chat and have a conversation

that's why i like skype the disadvantage

is you end up spending a little more

wasted time going back and forth where

an email forces people to reserve their

time better now keep in mind when you

communicate with these suppliers most of

them are in China I know there's a lot

of people feel like well if it's from

China it's cheap you know I really don't

care where it came from I care about the

quality of the product a lot of things

from China are actually amazing quality

if I can use an American supplier to

support my own country I absolutely will

but if this is how I have to get started

in order to get a low enough price to

make this work then I will go with a

Chinese supplier because they are 12 to

13 hours later earlier than we are here

if you want to skype with them you're

going to have to do it really early in

the morning or late at night there have

been nights where I've spent the entire

night communicating with suppliers to

get the deal that I want and it was

worth it but it's exhausting emails is a

very efficient way to do it you just

have to be willing to wait 24 hours dig

over 12 hours to get the next email so

you send an email in the evening in the

morning you can expect their response

another key if they don't respond

quickly if they take two to three days

respond that's the reason I don't trust

them as much if they're overly eager if

they're overly eager that causes me to

be a little hesitant now let me give you

a more objective way to validate if

they're actually someone you can trust

and that is payment terms there's as

many ways to buy something on alibaba as

there are needles on a cactus so make


you narrow it down to just three three

ways it's really hard to get scammed and

I'll share them with you number one is

paypal now if you purchase their product

using your paypal account there is a

4.4% fee you will have to pay

technically they have to pay it because

they're the ones selling the item but

they will add that to what's called your

pro forma invoice the invoice they send

you and you will have to pay that amount

now if you're doing a ten dollar

purchase a fifty dollar purchase you're

getting a few samples not a big deal but

if you're doing a massive big purchase

okay you are going to be paid I mean

it's a twenty-thousand-dollar purchase

you're going to be paying around eight

hundred dollars in fees that is a lot of

profit just sucked out the good thing

about paypal is if they did scam you you

can go contest it to paypal and if the

company does not have a valid tracking

number to show it was shipped to your

location or your warehouse or house then

you will win that battle and you will

get your money back it's just kind of a

pain to go through the other option is

traded surance also called escrow if the

company allows you if they do trade

assurance here's what it means you pay

them a certain amount of money for them

to start production that money does not

go to the supplier it goes into a

holding account okay then once they

finished building the product and they

send you pictures to show you it's

working and happening then you pay the

rest of the money and they ship you the

product that money stays in a holding

place in escrow so they can't actually

they don't actually get the money until

you click a button saying the product

was delivered and until you click that

it stays there and no one can touch it

so it's a very safe way to purchase

something from alibaba even if they're

trying to scam you there's no way they

can take your money unless you allow

them to so paypal and trade assurance

also known as escrow two very solid ways

to do this keep in mind though if you do

trade assurance you know how I said

paypal's 4.4% fees trade assurance is

five percent fees so again you're going

to be paying a bit a large amount of

fees and the same scenario they have to

pay Alibaba that fee so they're going to

add it to your pro invoice your pro

forma invoice and make you pay that

the third way and the least secure but

the lowest fees way is to do a bank

transfer also known as a telegraph

transfer so what this is is where you

were literally transferring money from

your bank account to theirs now here's

the good side I'll tell you the good

side than the bad side the good site is

typically with most banks that's thirty

to fifty dollar fee the bad side is if

they scam you it's almost impossible or

at least very difficult to get your

money back because they have the money

and the bank isn't someone is just going

to go and take the money from that bank

now it becomes a bank war and that can

be a real pain so be careful with this

one what I like to do is start out with

paypal or trade insurance for smaller

orders or samples if I'm testing the

product on Amazon to see how well it

does once I build a relationship with

the supplier and out and that's another

thing on alibaba let me show you here

real quick on alibaba you can actually