how to find buyer export

Today we are going to talk about how to find a customer buyer online to export because when we want to export then the buyer needs to know where we need to find the best way to find a buyer.  Is social media you can find buyers through social media at very low cost you will have to make this account
mandatory on social media (FACEBook) (TwiTTER) (iNSTAgRAM) (LiNKEDiN) if your account is mandatory then  You can't create this account yourself. You work for a digital marketing agency. You can get them to do this by paying them some money. Now it comes down to how the buyer will trust us.  Attach your own photo to the profile and also to the group. This will give the buyer some confidence in you. In the same way you can get the order. It is very imported. Your profile should be well made. Your product post should be well posted.  This is where you can get an order. It's time to find a buyer through social media. Now let's talk. (2)  B2B What is it?  This is an international platform. Yes, you can take the pad and find the buyer from here. There you will get the lead. You will get the inquiry. Similarly, you can talk to the buyer in a very good way and export your product to this buyer.  Dell can B2B is a great platform to find buyers so you must visit this site and grow your export business -