export business sample sent to your buyer

Today we will talk about how we will send the sample to the buyer.  First of all it is important to select your product which product you want to export then you have to find the buyer to find a good buyer who will buy your product then that buyer will buy your product from you.  Whenever you send a sample to your buyer, you must send it along with the sample test report.  And you can make this testing report yourself. Send a
sample to the place where the product is made and make a test report of your product and send that report to your buyer. It is very important when you want to do export business.  Whether it is good or good quality or good packing then your buyer will order you. Never send a product without sending a sample. Your product may be rejected once it arrives there. Buyers are the ones who show you the green garden.  No problem, if you send the product, it will be to your detriment. Whenever you send a sample, write its full address, mobile number, your full address and it is also important that you bring your visiting card with the same sample parcel.  This will increase your confidence and the buyer will place an order with you