find buyer export & emport

Today we are going to talk about how we can find out if this buyer is honest or fake. How do we know if we do a business? When we do a business, we find all kinds of people in it, both honest and fake.  Don't make us friends in business. Only business can make you
successful and then you can be successful and avoid fake buyers because you have to make system. System cannot work without you. You must have full experience of exporting first.  No one can commit fraud. Fraud happens to someone who does not have experience in his work. Whenever you find a buyer, you can meet him from B2B or from Facebook. Ask that buyer about his first website. See his profile photo.  And be sure to ask her (LiNKEDLN's ID if she is an honest buyer, it will all happen then when you believe her then you can continue the conversation with her if she has no website, no profile photo).  If there is no LiNKEDLN ​​then understand this is fraud he is making you foolish so you should avoid such people whatever  Ask your buyer about his company, then check him online to see how old the company is. If the company is two months old, don't believe it either because the buyers who commit fraud keep their company closed.  An honest buyer will have an old company and you can trust him. These are very important things. When you do export business and you find new buyers, you must take care of these things before doing business with them.  Must keep and follow these things.