how to start a clothing shop

Today we talk.  Like the garment shop business in Baku Azerbaijan, there is a lot of work of garment textile inside Pakistan. There is a lot of work of denim paint, a lot of work of T-shirt, hosiery, textile fabric.  You can go to Azerbaijan and do your business because you have to go to Azerbaijan and get a
professional visa and it is not so expensive. They can do their business with a visa.  It will cost 1000 to 1200 DOLER. The rest of the visa you can do business on small level. Business can be started in 10000 to 15000 DOLER.  Then you can import garments from Pakistan or you can also import garments from Turkey or China for your garment shop.  Bedsheet towels from Pakistan You can also import from Pakistan and sell at your shop in Baku Azerbaijan. This is a great business in Azerbaijan. You can order goods through any cargo company of Pakistan.