Saturday, June 6, 2020

how to start football export import business

Today we are talking about the football business. Pakistan is the number one country in the world where Kabbal is made. There are many factories in Sialkot, Pakistan where Kabbal is made and its demand is all over the world and here from Pakistan.  It is exported while 40 million footballs are exported from Pakistan every year and it is being exported to different countries and the big brands of the

world are buying it because there is a good quality in Pakistani football and also its prize.  In the same way you can make a lot of money by doing this football export business. There are top 10 countries in the world that import football from Pakistan like USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, Netherlands, France and other countries from Pakistan.  If you also want to export football, you must do it whether you are Pakistani or from another country. You can do the same business. You can go and visit Sialkot, Pakistan to make big football.  There is a company where you can go and get all the information on football  You will learn about the quality of the product.  If we talk about which brands in the world are importing football from Pakistan.  In which Niki.  ADIDAS.  PUMA .. is selected and also big brands import football from Pakistan. There are some countries where a lot of football is played like Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, France, Azerbaijan. More football is played in these countries and you export football to these countries.  If we talk about its price, we can buy it from Pakistan for about 3 to 4 DOLER and then you can sell it for 8 to 10 DOLER. It is a very good football business.

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