how to start onion business export from Pakistan

Today we are talking about how to export onion business. First of all you have to understand where this onion is coming from in this market. In which city does this crop grow and in which country is it exported?  If we talk about Pakistan, then this onion is grown in Punjab province of Pakistan and it is exported to many countries.  So first you have to find the buyer then it is also important to understand where the buyer was first
importing onions from which country and how many tons he was buying then you talk to him and take advance money 30  70 Advance 70% later ۰ And it will be better if you do business in LC, there is no chance of your money sinking in it, there can be no fraud  I would also like to point out here that  There should be information on which size is exported to which country because each country has a different type of onion which is exported smaller in size and in another country large size onion and each country has a separate packaging.  You have to see that you have to understand the size and packaging of the country to which you are exporting, then you also have the paddy in the country to which you want to export onions.  Whether there is a season or not, you have to look at your business according to that season, then you export onions to the market sometimes up and sometimes down.  It happens that sometimes the rate is high, sometimes it is low, then you need to understand the market, then you have to make an export certificate, insurance certificate, you have to send it to your buyer, after doing all this, you will be able to export onions.  :