largest exporter of mangoes

Today we talk of mango export business.  What are their varieties found in Pakistan and in which areas is it cultivated?  Pakistan produces about 2 billion tons of mango and it is exported from Pakistan to 120,000 tons from Pakistan to other countries.  And this mango is exported to 30 to 40 countries. It benefits Pakistan by 80 80 million every year.  If we talk about its types, then these are considered to be 7 to 8 types, the test of which is also very interesting, which is also
considered to be local and abroad.  Lame Choonsa .. Anwar Latur.  Sindhri .. Dosiri; Desi These are their popular varieties which are considered both locally and abroad, if we talk about which areas of Pakistan mango is cultivated; Punjab is the most cultivated.  Multan Bahawalpur; Bahawalnagar Rahim Yar Khan Dera Ghazi Khan and Sindh; Mirpur Hyderabad. Mango is cultivated in these areas. There are large orchards here.  Local and exported from the same areas. This is a very good business. If you want to do it, 3 to 4 of it.  There is a season of the month. If you want to do this business, first you have to understand which types are ready, when they are ready, when they are vaccinated, when they are vaccinated, then you have to see in how many days.  It is very important to understand when the mango is ready and when it should be exported. Then you should do this business later. First you have to set a target in which country you want to export.  if you .  Saudi Arabia.  Dubai to Viet Malaysia .. I want to do it then you can send by SHip because it arrives early to London if you want to export then by AiR will be better then similarly you can find mangoes from these areas from Pakistan and get good quality mangoes  You can say export abroad.