sports garments export from Pakistan

Today we will talk about which products are exported from Pakistan to other countries. If we look, Pakistan has the highest production of coin which is 4th in the world while
Pakistan also produces cloth from this cotton as well as other  The country also exports cotton. Along with this, Pakistan also has a high production of rice and its quality is considered all over the world. People like Pakistani rice very much so it is exported from Pakistan to other countries.  Then we talk about Sports Garments. A large market for sports garments is found in Sialkot, Pakistan, where sports equipment is manufactured, such as football, hockey, cricket equipment, leather jackets, sports uniforms, all in Sialkot.  Sporting goods are exported from Sialkot city of Pakistan in about 40 countries of the country.  Now let's talk about whether it is possible to do sports business. Yes friends, everyone can do this work whether he is from Pakistan or from another country. He can also come to Pakistan and do this sports garments business. There are many small factories.  There are factories where you can make as many goods as you want, little goods or more it depends on you.  I have seen many businessmen who come from other countries to Pakistan and from here they come and make goods and export them to their own country. So this is a very big business of sports garments. You can do it easily.  Are