Thursday, June 4, 2020

surgical industry in Pakistan sialkot

Today we are talking about surgical products. The whole world needs surgical products in terms of health and fitness. Where is this

product made? Who is its supplier and who is the buyer?  Friends, these surgical subjects are manufactured in only 3 countries in the world.  India at number 3.  China at No. 2.  Sialkot is the number one country in Pakistan and surgical products are manufactured in Sialkot, Pakistan. At present Pakistan is producing 80% surgical products. There are still large factories in Sialkot, Pakistan which are producing surgical products and many more.  More and more people are also producing surgical products on a small scale in their own homes or factories. Surgical products are now being exported from Sialkot, Pakistan all over the world. There are about 3000 large and small factories which  That only in Sialkot are developing surgical products:

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